juli 2013

Super friend

I am so proud of my friend and old roomie, Marte. She has started her own super foods brand, "I am pure", and just opened up her own super foods and health store in Oslo called "super-helse". Had a few hours in Oslo on Monday, and I stopped by the store for the first time. I was so impressed! They have super foods, skincare, healthy chocolates +++ and everything is reasonable priced, so everybody can afford to be healthy! I got myself a starter kit, and can't wait to feel the effect it will give me! I will let you know how it goes! :)

Check out their blog for inspiration and recipes:http://www.super-helse.no/blogg/

Song:Expo 2013

Wow! What a weekend! Ive been at Trondheim Calling Song:Expo. Its a songwriting camp, and 60 songwriters from all over the world met, got divided into teams of 4 and 4, and wrote new music! It was amazing. I met so many cool and talented people, and so many good songs were made. Now my voice is completley gone (check out my vine and instagram to hear wghat it sounds like), and Im waiting to leave Trondheim. After 3 days of intense work, late nights and hard focus, last night was crazy. We finished our last songs around 7, and went to KOS for a listening party. Had a great dinner, and danced to the songs that got made during the camp. When the placed closed, we all went to an afterparty in the studio, where we jammed all night. Went back to the hotel at 6am, where they were getting ready to serve breakfast, so we ate breakfast before going to bed. :)

Mariann and I are excited to get started!

Feeling special in Trondheim...

Music in the making!

"I make hits"

They even gave us tattoos!

Ready for the listening party with Serbian popstar Kristina Kovac and Universal Music Publishings Pelle Lidell

Rocking out with Chad Hugo and Leiv