mai 2013

LA LA Land

I'm so sorry I'm bad with updates, but I'm super busy and also don't have Internet all the time which makes it harder! Follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates! Instagram.com/aninamusic

Los Angeles

Im in Los Angeles, been super busy since I came and haven't been online that much. So sorry for not keeping you updated. I've had some exciting meetings, and next week Im gonna write new songs! :)

It's so good to be back! The first day we came it was 36 degrees celsius! Nice and hot! Tomorrow is 17th of may, Norways national day, and I'm looking forward to celebrating it with a bunch of cool Norwegians in Cali!


Thats what I gotta be nowadays! I really wish the days had more hours.. 8 more hours everyday would be great! Some time to sleep!

I am leaving to go to LA for a month in just a bit over a week, and before that I have to get 5 new songs ready- AND on wedndesday Im playing a gig at Debaser Slussen (suuupercool venue in Stockholm), so I have to rehearse with my band and get ready for that as well. Gonna play at least one brand new song, and thursday is a holliday, so I hope a lot of you come out and go crazy with me! :)

Love, A