april 2013

Bikini season coming up..

So I dragged myself to the gym, really not motivated at all. The first person I saw when I walked in was my PT Nicklas (I did not have a session with him booked). So I complained about not having worked out in a while, and I said I wished I was gobba work out with him- and lucky me- he had half an hour and nothing to do, and wanted to train me instead of just hanging around! Lucky day!! He pushed me so hard, I actually got a new personal record in leg press! 160kg!!! 160 KG!!!!!!! I'm probably not gonna be able to walk tomorrow!

160 KG to go!

I can do it!!

Had to crawl out to the changing rooms when I was done. My legs just disappeared under me!

pAwZZ vs Anina

Im part of a DJ duo called pAwZZ vs Anina. We play music we love- mostly pop and rock from the 70s- today, mixed with a touch of hip hop, rnb and indie...

For booking: contact (at) aninamusic.com


Had a wonderful day at cityloppisen on Sunday! Together with Carolina, aka Marshmallowelectra and Maya, I cleaned out my closet and sold some clothes. It was great, and there's still a bunch of goodies left, so I will put something up for sale online! :) will keep you posted!

Dominoes and Dinnertime!

Dominoes and Dinnertime are up on itunes and spotify again.

Check them out and make sure to add them to you playlists!

Dominoes on



Dinnertime on



No more bad hair day

Im not very good at fixing my hair, if Im doing something special and for shoots / videos etc I usually have good friends and stylists helping me out with the hair part of it...

But now things might be changing. On tuesday I was so lucky to be invited to a little exclusive introduction to ghd at Mildh Press together with my friend Tomas Erdis (who can rescue a bad hair day- actually he can rescue any bad day in general :) Look at that smile!)

Cute girls!! Henriette from Mildh press and Charlotte from ghd / Bris Frisr

Charlotte in action on the doll head. She taught us about the ghd tools and products. How to use them and for what.

Then she moved on to my head....

Got tons of tricks and tips on how to use heatbased stylers from ghd to get the look I want.

So goodbye bad hairdays... Im probably never gonna have a bad hairday anymore.. eehhhh

Writing camp

After 3 days at a songwriters camp at Musikmakarna, Im heading home with 5 new songs in my suitcase!

Met a bunch of wonderful and amazingly talented people! Now I'm exhausted, and ready to sleep for a day or two...;)

Outside Office in the sun :)


My new favorite soda! Trocadero, made in Norrland! :)

Flying home after 3 beautiful and super productive days!

Tired but happy! 5 new songs in my suitcase!

KJ and Mary are also happy campers

Oslo next!

Touchdown vik

Goodnight world!

Today has been intense. Im at a writingcamp in vik, been writing 2 soga today, and 4 more to come in the next 2 days! Will keep you posted! About to pass out now! Love, A


2 of my songs, Dominoes and Dinnertime are featured in the new MTV movie "Ladies Man, a MADE movie" which airs on MTV USA tomorrow at 9pm/8c.

Im really happy and excited, and I can't wait to see the movie. Check out the trailer here:

Get More: Ladies Man: A MADE Movie, Ladies Man: A MADE Movie, Full Episodes

If you read Norwegian check out this article:http://www.seher.no/914607/anine-blir-mtv-stjerne


Met these cute dogs at a caf in Stockholm yesterday!


Love her underbite and tounge out style!!

Friends forever! <3