januar 2015

Valgets kvaler...

Du kjenner flelsen... P vei bort til kassen med vogna full av godsaker (les: ben & jerrys) fr du selvflgelig ye p superfood spirulina chips, som selvflgelig hadde vrt et mye sunnere alternativ. Du stopper opp og dveler ved tanken p superfood chipsen som film snacks. Veier den opp mot sjokoladeisen... og setter den pent tilbake p hylla. Jeg hadde jo allerede bestemt meg da jeg gikk inn. Og ingenting skal plutselig f gi meg drlig samvittighet. Ikke engang supersunne superfood chips! Kanskje jeg tester de neste gang... ;)


Her i LA er det jo solbrillesesong hele ret, s fr jeg reiste dro jeg innom favoritten Krogh Optikk i Oslo og fikk hjelp av sjefen sjl med finne noen kule nye LA-shades! :)

Endte opp med to par, et fra Bottega Veneta, og et fra California merket Oliver Peoples. Her er det jo strlende sol nesten hver dag, s solbrillene er blitt mine beste venner!

Bottega Venetta p Melrose

Melrose Flea Market!! <3 Med Pink Floyd Junk Food Singlet og Toms sko!


I Venice med Oliver Peoples brillene. Digger Boho Global armbndene som mamma hadde med fra Norge!!


Farmers Market

Boho Global! <3

Henger over Sunset Blvd

Kiss me

Jeg kan ikke tro at det nesten er 2 r siden jeg var med i MGP! Tiden flyr!

Fant disse bildene fra gjennomganger i Larvik.. Good Times!!

N har Philip, rockestjerna mi, som spilte gitar med meg p scenen p MGP sluppet single med bandet sitt, FLASHAM.

Kiss me! Skikkelig Rock&Roll. :) Digger det!

De gir ogs ut gratis download av lten her

Take me to church

I have loved this song by Hozier for a while now, but I haven't seen the video before today, and I was blown away. I really loved it, so I felt the urge to share it with you guys!

I love art that has a message, and music videos that tell a story that will make you think. And this video does exactly that.

Love is so pure and honest, and the fact that some people, counties, religions and governments think that they have the right to tell other people that the love they feel is wrong, or not real, really upsets me. Love and equality for all! Lets raise our voices against discrimination of any kind in 2015!

Watch the video and let me know what you think! <3

2014, thank you!

Okay its time for my annual "sum up the year" and reminding myself of all the things that have happened in the past year that I am grateful for. It is always easier to hold on to bad memories, and remember things that were uncomfortable, embaressing or sad, and let that cast a shadow over all the amazing things that have happened in your life, all the moments where you felt good, when you felt happy, the opportunities you got, the good things that happened. So I find this little time where I go through my calendar and pictures to dig up all the good memories and things that have happened in the past year. It is a great thing to do, and I encourage you to do the same.

Here is my 2014-

The year started out busy with a photoshoot with the amazing photographer Roy Rossovich. A portrait interview with the Norwegian magazine KK, and another photoshoot with the super talented Rickard Eriksson.

Photo by Roy Rossovich

Photo by Roy Rossovich

Photo By Rickard Eriksson
We celebrated my beautiful moms 50th birthday, and gave her a gift that awakened her passion for painting, and it has been amazing to watch her find back to her artistic path and watch her grow as an artist. Im so proud of her!

I spent the whole winter in LA, making new friends and business associates.

I wrote a lot of new music, and got to work with a bunch of talented people.

I got to live by the beach and wake up to see dolphins play right in front of me while doing morning yoga

I saw seals sing along to jazz in the marina

Celebrated my birthday 3 times ( I love birthdays!!)

I almost got shaken out of bed by an earthquake ( don't know if it is something to be grateful for- I hope it never happens again, but it was an extraordinary experience)

I met someone who believes in my music, who helped me get an artist visa to come back and work in the US.

Got to be maid of honor in my best friends wedding

Arranged a bachelorette party

Was a contestant in Celebrity Masterchef in Norway, and reached my goal- stayed in the competition for a week.

Was in the legendary TV show Beat For Beat in Norway, where I got to sing some of my favorite songs!

Played gigs with my amazing band over the summer.

Went to my beautiful cousin's confirmation

Sold the apartment in Stockholm

Realized real estate is where you make money

Moved back to LA, and got the dream apartment with view of the Hollywood sign and Downtown LA!

Miss Stang got a MUSTANG as well. I have always said I need to get a Mustang at one point in my life, and that point is now!


Found this little cutie pie on the street and rescued her <3

Went to coachella for the first time

I finally cleared my skin, which had bothered me for a few years (acne and pigmentation) with the help from the amazing Zo Medical from Dr.Obagi product series.

Went to Dry Lake and had a great photoshoot with good friends!

I had a shoot with the super talented photographer Matt Sayles

(Behind the scenes photo)

Built my own home studio

Started writing a movie script, which is almost done!

My dad came to LA to celebrate Christmas

I got to raise my voice against injustice

What Im most grateful for is all the wonderful, kind, supporting, loving, creative, unique people I am blessed to surround myself with and have in my life! You guys mean the world to me! <3

Leaving a wonderful 2014 behind, and stepping into 2015 with more passion, courage and clarity than ever!

Lets make 2015 the best year of our lives so far! <3