januar 2013

Sirkuset er igang!!!

Frste post idag: trrprver!

P bildet nederst til hyre lo jeg s jeg knakk sammen av en video vi filmet p prven...skal prve f delt den med dere ikveld! Woho!

Husk se p imorgen og stem

5 til 26600 nr sendingen er igang! :)

MGP 2013

Katta er endelig ute av sekken!!!

Jeg skal vre med i MGP i Larvik p lrdag!!!

Sjekk ut lten min, The Young! <3

Jeg er nummer 5 p lrdag!


I got a feeling...

That todays gonna be a good day! :)

It started so good! Woke up to some amazing news, unfortunally I cant tell you more right now, but I will as soon as I can!

Anyways! This is my motto today:


Thats what I've been doing today!

Or... you could call it nerding!

I've been on my computer figuring out technical stuff, that resulted in the pimping of my facebook page! :)

I added an itunes store tab and a music video / youtube tab which features my music and videos!

Check it out! And like my page to, to stay up to date with the latest news and exciting things going on! www.facebook.com/OfficialAnina